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Akrotiri sights – Stavros Beach

We’ll pick you up from your hotel or yacht at the arranged time and head to Akrotiri area. First stop at the Venizelos Graves area, with the wonderful view of the town of Chania and the Old Venetian harbour with the famous lighthouse. If you’d like, you can enjoy breakfast or a refreshment at the nearby cafes. Then, we continue our trip to the Agia Triada Monastery, built in 1 634 by Cretan monks. Well preserved, full of history, one of a kind (also includes a museum with monastery exhibits). From there we can drive to Gouverneto Monastery where, after a short walk, you will find the famous Cave of Arkoudospilios (Bear Cave), as the locals call it. The cave is famous for a stalagmite that looks like a crouching bear if you look at it from a certain angle. After that small walk, we continue our trip to the beach of Stavros for swimming and relaxing.

Hiking variation
If you like hiking, we can drop you off to Gouverneto Monastery whereyou can hike (on your own) through the “Avlaki” path to the Bear Cave, the Monastery of St. John the Hermit and the Katholiko Monastery. Following down the path, you can make the round of Stavros mountain (almost 3-4 hours), eventually ending up at the beach ofStavros for a relaxing swim and a meal. We will pick you up from there at an arranged time to driveyou back

Konossos Palace and Cretan Aquarium

The largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and Europe’s oldest city (historical fact), plus the myth of the Minotaur and Daedalus & Icarus, makes the Palace of Knossos as a “must visit” destination. The famous Minoan civilization started here over 6000 years ago and the walk around the Palace is a travel time experience back to where the modern Western civilization started. Cretan Aquarium, with more than 60 water tanks and 1 00 observation points, makes you realize the greatness of the underwater world. This “one of its kind” park educate us for the fauna of the seas and fill our trip with memorable images.

Olive and Wine Tour

The essence of Crete in one unique journey:

– Learn the course of olive oil, transforming from a seed to the final product that we taste and use in our everyday life. Starting from the most ancient olive tree in the world (more than 3000 years old), we visit an olive oil mill discovering how the fruit is becoming the so valuable to our health oil. Then a stop to a local producer to perceive how handmade olive oil care products are created.

– Wine, a product first produced in Greece 6500 years ago, accompanies the most joyful moments of everyone’s life. A visit to a local winery and some wine tasting couldn’t be missing from this journey. Unravel -first hand- the secrets and the characteristics of Cretan wine.

Spa & Wellness at Mr & Mrs White Crete
Mr & Mrs White Crete Lounge Resort & Spa provides our guest with the ultimate experience of a deeply relaxing combination of facilities such as Steam Room, Sauna and Hydro massage Bath with aromatherapy and soothing massages that indulge your senses, deep hydration and restoration treatment with oils for a shiny and smooth velvet skin, or other unique massage treatments.

We focus on total body, mind and spiritual health. To this end, we employ professionally trained specialists who are here to guide and help you.

Chania city, harbour, exploring surroundings
Only 15km away, the fascinating town of Chania welcomes you with its major attraction, the old Venetian harbour, for a romantic walk-away next to a busy multicultural shopping centre. It is not only the fine architecture and the numerous neoclassical buildings of the town, that will capture your heart, but also the hospitality of its people, proud of their Cretan customs and beauties of their land.
Small excursions and activities in the town and the surroundings are available around-the-clock for all tastes, all hobbies, all ages, all moods and weather. Horse riding, biking, bungee jumping, boat trips, cruises, etc. Check-out with our concierge expert and let us advise you on your personal holiday planning.

Worldwide famous beaches, such as Balos, Falassarna and Elafonissi – the pink beach – are being offered as day excursion ideas, while there are so many highlights to visit all around from the Samaria Gorge -the longest walkable Gorge in Europe- to the unique microclimate Botanical Garden and the fun Waterpark.

Agia Triada Monastery
A cultural venture, the historic Monastery of Agia Triada, dating from the Venetians times and probably some of the oldest Churches that Crete island has to show.
Relax in the flower yard of the monastery, admire the decorated pillars of Corinthian style, and if you are lucky, you may meet the monks. A small museum with its much appreciated cava winery opens its doors for some hours during the day, and lets you revive the local culture in all senses!

At a short distance, there’s the historic Monastery of Gouverneto, that takes you to the Cave of Bear, and a few more steps down you meet Katholiko Monastery of St.Ioannis the Hermit, the oldest Monastery in Crete. An easy hiking route, which embraces your heart with the breathtaking views to the infinite blue of the Mediterranean. Be amazed by the multi colored aromatic vegetation of the unique landscape, which hosts hundreds of indigenous plants and bird species, due to the favorable geological morphology of the yet pure nature of the peninsula.

Nearby Beaches
Nearby the Hotel, there are plenty of beaches to reach within a few minutes drive, for your daily escapes, a heaven of mix rocky and sandy environment!
Visit the beloved beach of Stavros, from the film “Zorba the Greek”, or the beach of Kalathas and the near Tersanas, all with clear waters, perfect for your swim and much of diving interest.

Enjoy watersports activities, easy going, like canoeing, water cycling, StandUp Paddle, and snorkelling, at Kalathas beach or Loutraki beach with lounge music, while the busier Marathi beach invites you with a choice of little tavernas.

For the adventure side of your holiday, jump literally into Seytan Havens and escape to the hidden Macherida beach, with its crystal turquoise waters.

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